Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Welcome to Fanboy Deathmatch

Hello, I'm your host The Kevolution and this is Fanboy Deathmatch, the blog that really captures what all the fanboys (and fangirls) out there ultimately end up talking about. Who beats who.

With that in mind there will be two main thrusts to this blog, both of which come from things I've done in the past.

Firstly, Top Tens. All of this stems from a friend and I moaning about the "Top Ten Sci Fi..." series run on Sky 1 a few years ago and deciding to challenge each other to construct our own top 10s, originally based on what the show had covered and then drifting off into our own topics. We kept these up for quite a while and they turned into popular and oft-debated posts and I always meant to come back to them.

Well, now I have. I'll be posting Top Tens fairly regularly and trying to construct them as fairly as possible and whilst the emphasis will often be on Science Fiction the selections will often expand to cover Fantasy and Horror.

The second thing I will be doing is running Fanboy Deathmatch challenges by posting polls to see who you, the readers, think would win in a showdown between noted genre characters (or beasts/spaceships/factions). I first concocted this on the forums of "Does My Geek Look Big In This" and again it got quite a popular response.

I fully hope that as both of these are posted you take the opportunity to comment on what's going on, whether you agree or disagree or why you have registered a specific vote. I'll also take this opportunity to ask what Top Tens or challenges you would like to see (something I intend to do every couple of months anyway).

What you won't see her are in depth-reviews - there are plenty of people out there who do that very well already (My old mate Aaron, for example, at I intend to simply have some fun with this and may post the occasional extra observation or brief opinion on something (or simply something I find amusing for whatever reason).

Anyway, this is Fanboy Deathmatch - let the games begin.

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Aaron said...

Let the Deathmatch begin!